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TSMK (Time Sync & Memory Keyer) & TSVK.OmniRig (Time Sync & Voice Keyer) are projects in progress.

!! Windows 10 Virus scanner reports a false virus when downloading or running TSMK. Groups.io checks each file for viri and does not host infected files. TSMK is scanned and approved by AVAST !!

  • Tip:
  • Deactivate the scanner
  • download and run TSMK once (TSMK creates a DLL in the folder which is needed or communicate with the COM port)
  • Re-activate the scanner. Win 10 should stop complaining
  • Other Virus scanners might need you to add the program to an "exclude" list.

I wrote this program because the  IC-7300's built in Voice Keyer software keys use to much of the display.
The external keypad (see page18-3 in the Full manual) only keys the 1st four keys. TSMK triggers all 8 recorded sets.
Time Sync (sync Radio clock to PC clock) and Solar data (http://www.hamqsl.com/solar.html) is also build in.
The program is written with AutoIt, a scripting language.

TSVK 'Beta' available. This version uses the Omnirig engine to read/send data to your 7300.
TSVK is for download in the Files folder.

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